Tanzanian Teak

This teak from Tanzania have their origin from the foothills of the eastern mountain ranges. We deliver best in quality Tanzania teak wood to our customers. This teak is available in different sizes and shapes as per customer requirements.

This wood is of great demand in industries for frames, Paneling, manufacturing furniture, boat deck and other articles because of its features like Moisture Free, Low knots concentration, Fine- grains, Mid-End Termite resistant and sturdiness.

Ghana Teak

With experience in this industry, we deliver best in quality Ghana teak wood to our customers. The product offered by us is termite-resistant as well as very easy to store. It an ideal product for installation in washrooms, kitchens, garages and other places which gets dirty easily. They are opted by the clients for their feature like density and excellent smoothness.

Sudan Teak

Sudan teak having its origin from Sudan (Africa), is claimed to be finest quality teak wood. It is more preferred for domestic and industrial purpose because of its features like Durability, High strength, Fine grains, textures and color. It is widely used in making Door frames, Furniture, Interior designing, Boards, Truck body, Heavy Construction. They are also available in different shapes and sizes as per the requirement of the client.

Benin Teak

We offer our client with an elite scope of Benin Teak. This teak wood is explicitly caused top to give high grade protection to our customers. They are used in furniture and door making. It’s desired by customers for its feature like high strength.

Pine Wood

We offer best in class pine wood to our customers. Pine wood is a reasonable, lightweight wood that can be yellowish or whitish with darker knots. It's frequently utilized for rustic pieces, similar to farmhouse-style tables. It is preferred as it resist shrinking and swelling.

Mahagony Wood

We provide our customers with best quality Mahogany, This wood has its origin from South America. It is versatile and durable of all the hardwoods. It is consistently straight with fine grain patterns and is more commonly used in making Yachts, boats, Musical Instruments, Writing pens, Furniture, Floors and Doors etc.

Silver Wood

With the help of skilled professionals we offer best quality silver wood to our customers. These woods are more preferred for its low cost and durability. It is available in customized size and shape as per the requirements of the customer.

Neem Wood

With experience in this industry, we deliver best in quality Neem wood to our customers. Neem wood also known as Indian lilac, is very strong and durable. It is also mildly aromatic and it has slight fragrance, especially when used for paneling or ornamental ceiling. It is termite- resistant. It is also available in customized shapes and sizes, as per the client requirement.


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